George and Anna

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What a pleasure working with Leanne over these past few years! Leanne heart shines through and it’s so clear she cares about her clients – not just about buying or selling another property. When Anna and I recently got married and decided to purchase a condo, Leanne was there for us, guiding our way through the multitude of options in White Rock and Surrey. Her personal experience in this market was invaluable – as was her patience with our lengthy search. Leanne’s personal touch and dedication really helped us find our dream home in Edgewater. As a matter of fact, we held our reception right in the fantastic amenities center here! Leanne even helped us set out our catering during the wedding! Talk about personalized service! When the time came for Anna and I to buy our dream home – on Vancouver Island, we immediately called Leanne. On an extremely tight deadline, Leanne prepared an amazing feature sheet and write-up. She gave us just the right advice on pricing and how best to present our condo for sale. She wisely had a floor-plan professionally taken – which confirmed our unit was indeed larger than our strata documents specified. Leanne told us she would do her best to have our home in Edgewater sold by my birthday (November 25). Two showing later, we had an offer on November 28! And a second offer on November 30. Today (December 3), we had our final subject’s removed and we are on our way to our island home. Well Leanne, you are a few days late, but what an amazing job you have done!!! We can’t thank you enough for your hard work, professionalism and wise advice! Warmly,