Chris Fjell

Author: Mock Webware |

I would like to give my perspective on Leanne De Souza’s services as a realtor for my mom. Leanne helped my mom twice: to sell her house and downsize into a condo, and then later, to sell that condo and move into a retirement community.

Leanne always showed herself to be an engaged, available, and trustworthy realtor. During this time my mom was starting to get confused about things but Leanne was always helpful. With my mom’s encouragement, Leanne was also in frequent communication with me about how the listing was going, how the market was changing and kept us updated. A deficiency was recognized in my mom’s suite that took coordination with the strata maintenance people and a contractor to fix. Leanne was very helpful and went beyond what we expected in coordinating with the strata manager to make repairs that were necessary for the sale, which was very helpful since I was out of town and my mom was starting to get confused and needed help.

I found Leanne to be knowledgeable, helpful and trustworthy and I wish to recommend her to others in similar situations.