Andrew Ball

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“To whom it may concern, I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Leanne de Souza on her effort given to help me find a home. I came to HomeLife Benchmark Realty Corp knowing only that I would like to have a place to live, and Leanne guided me from there. My price range was quite low, but even with such a substantial restriction, she was able to find multiple units in multiple complexes that were within my meager budget. I spent roughly a month looking for an apartment with Leanne, and she was very helpful and happy with all of my requests to see multiple apartments in the evenings when it was convenient for me. In the end, Leanne’s contacts in the real estate industry led us to a very unique opportunity to find an exceptional apartment at a very reasonable price that was available immediately. At that point I still did not know what to do, and Leanne assisted in every step of the purchase procedure, from analyzing the minutes of the strata council to finding an excellent mortgage broker. Having enjoyed my home purchase, I am now living happily ever after in my new apartment thanks to Leanne de Souza.”