Steady as she goes, captain!

Author: Leanne DeSouza Personal Real Estate Corp. |

I can’t help but think of Mr. Sulu’s famous line to describe this past August’s Lower Mainland BC’s steady housing market, a continuation of what I wrote last month. And just like last month, the demand (buyers) out-numbers the supply (homes), yet sales remain steady. If the August housing market of 2021 were a movie, we could call it “July part II”.

This month’s statistics

As for me personally, after a summer of continual work and helping people achieve their housing needs, as I put the final listing to bed I find myself taking a late summer rest albeit “listless”. In realtor terms, that means without listings currently. I look forward to filling up my schedule again, be it buyer, listing, or both.
Looking forward to working with you, Leanne.

Steady as she goes, captain!