July 2021, Slow & Steady

Author: Leanne DeSouza Personal Real Estate Corp. |

Blog by Leanne deSouza Personal Real Estate Corp.

Like Aesop’s winning tortoise, July 2021’s market was slow & steady (comparatively speaking to previous markets, and in 40 years!). It’s additionally an appropriate metaphor considering he’s a critter with his home on his back. Home buyers outnumbered home sellers as I remained busy with both, yet we might account for (as we say in Real Estate) “low inventory” due to the much deserved need for us to get away during this unprecedented historical period. You can learn all about it as I did in this month’s Fraser Valley Real Estate Board’s Statistics. Here’s hoping all the best that we enjoy the rest of the summer safely and securely. -Leanne

July 2021, Slow & Steady