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Today, I have a very special guest, Marilee Congo.

Marilee Congo

Our serendipitous meeting was many years ago when her daughter tutored our daughter. I would not only discover her amazing talent, but also a friendship. As downsizing is a large aspect of my clientele’s needs, Marilee and her husband Jon have been an invaluable prime resource for recommending to my sellers for staging & renovation through their business Upscale Downsizing:

People choose to downsize for a myriad of reasons. Perhaps your children have left the nest. Maybe you wish to travel more extensively and want to be able to lock the door and leave. Perhaps you want to simply move from a larger home into a smaller space. Whatever the reason, downsizing is more about adapting, than it is moving.

How can I use the things I currently own in my new space? How much will I feasibly be able to use and how much compromise will I have to make?

These are valid and real concerns for ANYONE making a move to a smaller space…regardless of the reason.

Jon and I love the unique challenge represented with each client we assist in making this transition. Creating beauty in the new space and encouraging people to look at downsizing in terms of what they will gain, as opposed to what they will lose, is our aim.


We believe with all our hearts that beauty, function, and comfort are not limited to the square footage of a home. Any space can be stunning, but it takes vision and careful planning.

That’s where Upscale Downsizing excels. We have the ability to really “see” space and ascertain, through our experience and critical eyes, how to make a home “sing” and function well.

We assist in the renovation and redecoration of your newly acquired space. We help clients incorporate cherished furnishings as much as possible, while also assisting in the acquisition of new pieces that are appropriately scaled when necessary.

The end results. You’ll have a home that is uniquely yours…lovely and liveable. - Marilee Congo (Marilee, with her husband Jon, brings 30 plus years of experience in downsizing, staging and renovation.)